Thursday, 1 July 2010

Report on Steve Wheeler's keynote address and FULL VIDEO

Steve Wheeler’s keynote explored his take on Digital Tribes. He discussed transformation and inspiration – in an entertaining and informative session. His view was that we are preparing students for a future we cannot clearly describe. He characterised what is happening as the establishment of not one digital tribe but many sub-sets or virtual clans. There were interesting sidetracks into an analysis of Wikipedians and the modern nuclear family not sat round watching the TV, but still acting in a similar way (with a slide neatly entitled “Wii are the family”). On a more serious note he provided an excellent synthesis of some of the thoughts of many prominent contributors to the digital debate. One of his suggestions was that you could be your own VLE – IF you know how to bring the various tools that are available together. I recommend that you view the video of his keynote presentation, and view the slides to get the full range of his discourse. On a personal note I was pleased to see that he both credited all his impressive images with their sources, and also made the presentation available under a Creative Commons license, to allow folk to use the content with appropriate acknowledgement to the author.

Steve Chilton
Manager e-Learning Academic Development
Middlesex University

Keynote slides

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