Thursday, 1 July 2010

Report on Mike Howarth's workshop

The Self-Editor: A strategy for improving reflective writing.

Mike was inspired to create his self-editor ‘tool’ to help students who come to writing tasks as part of their studies having little or un-practiced writing skills. His own students were often submitting first assignments with poor writing but very valuable content.

His aim is to help students with the process of “externalising the internal mish-mash of story and experiences”.

The editing process

The self-editor process is based on a light touch ‘tricks of the trade’ approach to help structure content, rather than a more formal academic writing, or ‘basic skills’ approach.

Mike touched on some underlying concepts; the brain searches for clues (patterns) in words, chaining and linking (key words) and computer navigation (via text).

The session was enlivened with Mike’s ‘thole’ and other props in an effort to portray The Experiential Metaphorical Concept. The group were also immersed in an individual editing task, which included as one of the steps, the active process of walking around.

References: Chapman, 1987, p.83, Lakoff and Johnson, 1980, p.19

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Louise Merlin
e-Learning Development
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