Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Tara Brabazon keynote address - FULL VIDEO


  1. This is such a good video. A great example of Tara's presentation style. I think there were some people in the audience who were genuinely unsure what she was going to do and say next. I don't agree with all of her points but there's no denying she's a very entertaining speaker.

  2. When we first began to plan this conference a year ago our first task was to agree on the keynote presentations. Tara came instantly to mind, not just because of her knowledge of the subject area, but because of her energy, enthusiasm and ability to evoke a strong response. Whether we agree with her or not (and I mainly do) or are comfortable or uncomfortable with her presenting style - that matters less than the fact she makes us feel something and i don't think there is enough of that in higher education.

  3. A bit of a patronising rant that relies on a stereotypical view of students.

    She seems to think that in the pre-web era students spent all their time in the library and knew how to use it. Google has made them lazy (there were no lazy students before google?)

    Why rubbish Google (only good for buying shoes) and Wikipedi (only good for pub quiz) in order to get over the simple message that information literacy is about understanding strengths and weaknesses of these tools and recognising that they part of bigger toolset?